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12-05-2014, 02:17 AM
Of the three contemporary feature length movies I saw at the Mar del Plata Film Festival this was the most surprising one. I expected to more or less like the other two (Tokyo Tribe and What We Do in the Shadows) but I'd never seen a Hartley film and I bougth the ticket on a whim. It turns out I love the guy's style. There's an irreverent sense of humor and a freedom given to the characters that clicked just fine with my sensibilities. The awkward, politically incorrect themes keep it from becoming a typical quirky American indie film.

The only negative part is that I only found out after watching it that it was the third part in a plot-driven trilogy, so I need to get on the other two movies ASAP. Well, I didn't think the ending was all that brilliant, but I can't think of a better way to end it, so that's fine. Aubrey Plaza is brilliant.